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Wedding First Dance - Choreography and Lessons

Weddings are a wonderful opportunity for that special first dance, whether for the Wedding Couple to delight their guests, or for Father of the Bride and Daughter to show off their best steps.  Working closely with you we can personally tailor a wedding dance, or first dance, to your favourite wedding dance song.  No  previous dance experience is necessary for our wedding dance lessons.  Just get in touch to have a chat about what you are looking for.

Wedding dance
Wedding Dance
Wedding Party

What is your perfect First Wedding dance going to be?

Every Wedding is unique and personal to you.  With the  experience of teaching over 40 bridal couples to put on that special First dance we are sure your guests will be impressed with the result. And why stop at the special couple - Wedding dance choreography can be designed for Father of the Bride with Daughter, or any other partnerships that you think would be perfect for your special day.

Whether a romantic Wedding Dance song is your thing or a jazzed up fun First dance just let us know the music you would like to use and we can provide some perfect ideas and work with you to put together some wedding dance lessons to teach you your personal wedding dance routine.  Get in touch and lets start talking about that dance for your special day.

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